Cure Vertigo

How to cure vertigo is a question all sufferers of the condition, their families and friends ask. Vertigo is theĀ  sensation of spinning or whirling when still and occurs when there is a problem with balance mechanisms within the inner ear. Common causes of Vertigo include;

Vestibular Neuronitis, which is also referred to as Labarynthitis, and is thought to be a viral infection of the inner ear. Evidence of inflammation of the innear ear and its nerve is usually detected, and the vertigo suffered tends to be sudden and intense.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is another cause which results when tiny crystal particles of calcium carbonate move from one area of the inner ear to another. BPPV tends to affect older people and results from any sudden movement of the head (usually turning of the head). The resultant Vertigo episode tends to be acute in nature and generally short lived (1-2 minutes), however, the onset can appear without warning.

Meniere’s Disease is the disturbance of the ear’s balance and hearing mechanisms caused by excess fluid in the inner ear. This condition causes episodic vertigo with varying periods of remission (days to years).

There is no known medical cure for Vertigo. Both medication and surgery tend to be unsuccessful in treating vertigo in most sufferers. The key to minimizing the physical and emotional impact of vertigo is Management of the condition. Adjustments in diet, stress reduction, performing specific exercises and some natural therapies can all play a part in reducing, and in a large number of cases, eliminating vertigo. You might be asking where can I find the information that will help me manage and even cure this debilitating condition? Well there is no need to look any further as a man by the name of Jonas Tielstrom has written a simple to follow, yet comprehensive guide that offers a treatment to eliminate vertigo at the very root of the problem. Discover his personal story of how he overcame many years of suffering, got his vertigo under control and claimed back is life- all without prescriptions, pills or surgery Click Here to Read His Story

Cure Vertigo: One Man’s Life Changing Discovery

Medical Researcher, Heath Consultant and former Vertigo Sufferer teaches you how to:
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